About Us

My growth as an internet service provider was a natural step to provide my customers a full package of communication products. For 16 years I have worked to find the best prices and packages for communication services. I provide Internet, Satellite TV, and Cellular phone service. I know my customers' needs and I work for them.

As an Internet Service Provider, I use the fiber optic backbone provided by the county utility districts, and I give the best and most secure connection to the Internet. As my customer, you don't worry about how the Internet arrives into your home or business, and that is because my attention is focused on your service. My data center is safe and secure, hardened with battery backup, and generator power. I use the latest technology that ensures continuous reliability for your service. This way, you can relax and make our service a part of your life. I don't take your service lightly.

My Chief Information Security Officer has 20 years of experience and is a member of the ISC²Consortium, as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, (CISSP). His resumé spans the globe where he supported information security of 50+ million dollar networks that sustained billion dollar portfolios. Although he isn't on staff full-time, we have his watchfull eye over the security of our network.